Imagine a 10 year old aged chinese black tea blended with superfood raw cacao nibs and make it real with our deep, earthy, chocolate rich  "Cacao Pu-ehr" .

What is Pu-ehr?

 Traditionally in Yunnan Province chinese would compact their tea in to cakes for easy transportation and to prolong preservation, this would allow a post fermentation proccess to occur, which they were soon to discover would give the tea pro-biotic properties wich are potentially benefitial in digestion, weigh loss and other medicinal benefits. It also reduces the astringency of the tea giving a very profound and complex taste, makes a deliciously unique cup!!


Ingredients: Organic Puerh Tea, Organic Cacao nibs, Organic flavoring.

*Contains Caffeine





Precaution: Consult your healthcare provider prior to use particularly if pregnant or taking medication.

Cacao PU-ERH